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Principal's Message

Happy Monday Redwood Families!

It is our final Monday together for the 2023-2024 school year.  In fact, it's a farewell for our eighth grade families.  The word farewell always reminds me of The Sound of Music.  As a youngster I just loved that movie.  Strangely enough, I just loved musicals in general.  West Side Story?  So cool... I wanted to be a Jet and snap my fingers and move my feet just like in the movie.  Sadly, two things came to light in regard to my love for musicals.  I have no rhythm nor an ability to dance and when you really think about the content of the two aforementioned films, it's pretty gritty.  As usual, I have digressed, but know that you will be missed and if the thoughts of my dance moves were still lingering in your mind, they were all based on Davy Jones' style à la The Monkees.  A photo of Davy has been included for visual reference.

Although the school year is coming to a close, learning is still occurring.  A perfect example of said learning is taking place in the eighth grade Science classrooms.  I observed, and photographed, students dissecting owl pellets.  They found all sorts of cool stuff inside them, most notably little rodent skulls.  Although this activity would not be considered my cup of tea, the students were having a great time.  Speaking of great times, the eighth grade promotion party was this past Saturday.  The parent volunteer team hosted a flawless event.  Students danced, ate, played games and generally had an amazing time.  In layman's terms, it was a hoot!

On a final note, for those coming to the promotion ceremony this Friday you may wonder why isn't Mr. Hamm here?  Note that you can call me Steve during that moment of wonder.  The long and short of it is that I will be watching one of my children competing in the National Rowing Competition in Florida.  Although I will miss saying goodbye to all of you, I am excited to root for my son as he rows for the gold.

Always a Day Dream Believer!