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Clubs and Lunchtime Activities

Student Clubs and Lunchtime Activities

Student Clubs are sponsored by the Redwood PTA or SEF (Saratoga Educational Foundation).  Through parent PTA memberships we are able to pay for staff to organize and supervise the clubs plus the equipment and materials for these activities.  

Students have the opportunity to participate in intramural sports, social clubs, gardening, science & technology, and performing/visual arts clubs during their lunch periods.  Starting Arts is a contracted agency that holds 6-week sessions using local artists with activities in both visual and performing arts.

We have approximately 300 students throughout the week enjoying these clubs. Thank you for the parents’ support of PTA and SEF whose sponsorship contributes to the wonderful campus life at Redwood.

For full list of all of our Clubs and Lunchtime Activities, please check the PTA website.